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The following is a list of student organizations at McCourt. Many groups have an application process for new members, so check this page to learn about important application deadlines.

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Student groups at McCourt

Georgetown Public Policy Review (GPPR)

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Contact: Ahmad Shuja, Editor in Chief

Established in 1995, the Georgetown Public Policy Review (GPPR) is the McCourt School of Public Policy’s nonpartisan academic journal, offering analysis and critical insight on today’s most pressing policy challenges. GPPR is a student-run publication, featuring articles from students, faculty, policy analysts, and practitioners across the globe. Our mission is to promote thorough and empirical work in our field, as well as provide an outlet for thoughtful and provocative pieces on current events and contentious issues.


EduWonks Education Policy

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Contact: Rustin Finkler

EduWonks is Georgetown’s premier education policy student organization. EduWonks facilitates policy dialogue, professional growth experiences, and interdisciplinary collaboration through our speaker events, policy chats, and service initiatives in the DC community. Last year’s notable events included Hanseul Kang, DC State Superintendent of Education, Jennifer Niles, DC Deputy Mayor of Education, and panels on issues such as the School-to-Prison Pipeline and topics in international comparative education.

EduWonks’ Executive Board meets weekly and welcomes all McCourt students to apply for roles, as well as to attend our monthly events. In the coming year, EduWonks plans to diversify its speaker series, increase its impact through community service initiatives in the education space, and create a comprehensive database of recommended internships and alumni contacts in the education sector.

Read more about EduWonks in this Q&A.


Latin American Policy Association (LAPA)

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Contact: Juan Pablo Delgado

The mission of the Latin American Policy Association (LAPA) is to promote the discussion, debate and analysis of policies and political issues relevant for the Latin America region. LAPA also seeks to disseminate knowledge and awareness about Latin American issues and policies among the McCourt School community, and to advance the interests of Latin American Students in the McCourt School and in the larger Georgetown community. Read LAPA’s Spring 2016 newsletter here.


East Asian Policy Association (EAPA)


Contact: Guozhu Zhou

EAPA_U.S.-China FDI_0911


The East Asian Policy Association (EAPA) is a student-led organization at the McCourt School that allows members to engage in ongoing East Asian policy-learning experience.

Our mission is to promote discussions, debates as well as offer analysis and critical insights on most pressing policy challenges in the East Asian region.

Bringing in the expertise of researchers, professors and opinion leaders, we provide various opportunities for students to interact with policy leaders and share their thoughts through forums, panel discussions, policy dinners and others.

Besides, EAPA holds various cultural activities and provides tons of career development opportunities for students who wants to pursue a related career.

Read more about EAPA in this Q&A



McCourt Policy in Practice (MPIP)

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Contact: Vadim Abanin

MPiP service auction
Students bidding at the McCourt Policy in Practice (MPIP) service auction

The McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University values service, student action, and social responsibility. McCourt Policy in Practice (MPiP) is a student-led organization at the McCourt School that allows members to engage in an ongoing policy-learning experience. Formerly known as Project Honduras, MPiP provides students of the McCourt School with the opportunity to partner with local communities and nonprofit organizations in developing countries to use rigorous policy tools in designing, implementing, and evaluating sustainable, evidence-based development projects that address identified needs.

Read more about MPiP in this Q&A.


McCourt LGBTQ Policy Initiative(McCourt LPI)

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Contact: Charlie Whittington

McCourt LGBTQ Policy Initiative (McCourt LPI) is the McCourt School’s LGBTQ policy issue group whose vision is to provide a visible and public forum within the student body for discussion of LGBTQ issues. This includes both national and local policy issues, as well as issues facing LGBTQ individuals working in policy-focused careers. The group focuses specifically on education, networking, outreach, and awareness.


McCourt Policy Conference

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Contact: Jaclyn Clevenger

Each year, McCourt students work together to plan an annual public policy conference. The event brings distinguished academics and policymakers to Washington, D.C. to discuss the most pressing and complex social issues of the day. This day-long event also provides a unique opportunity for current policy experts to address and hear from the next generation of policy professionals. The McCourt School Policy Conference attracts speakers and a diverse audience from the nation’s top policy schools, non-profit and government organizations, in addition to members of the Georgetown and Washington, D.C. policy communities.


Women in Public Policy Initiative (WPPI)

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Contact: Krista D’Alessandro 

The Georgetown Women in Public Policy Initiative (WPPI) is dedicated to developing exceptional female leaders in public policy and increasing awareness of issues that disproportionately affect women and girls through strategic partnerships, service, and advocacy.

As an organization, we strive to increase the visibility of women in the policy arena both inside and outside of the immediate Georgetown University community. We seek to provide an inclusive forum for McCourt students interested in issues pertaining to women in politics and public policy, to support the professional development and skills of female students in preparation for their future careers, and to connect current students with alumni and professionals in the field. Membership is open to all interested McCourt students regardless of gender, political affiliation, race, or sexual orientation.

Read more about WPPI in a Q&A with its co-presidents.



South Asia Policy & Research Initiative (SAPRI)


Contact: Ananthi Bharadwaj or Raiyan Kabir


SAPRI members at the 2016 South Asia Policy Conference

The South Asia Policy and Research Initiative (SAPRI) is a student-led initiative within the McCourt School of Public Policy dedicated to raising awareness on the critical challenges facing economies in South Asia and promoting evidence-based policies in the region. SAPRI’s mission is to foster continuous dialogue, discussion and analysis of policy issues in South Asia with the aim of creating a new generation of policymakers who are committed to finding sustainable, evidence-based solutions to the region’s development challenges.

One of the key highlights of 2016 was the South Asia Policy Conference organized by SAPRI in association with the GU India Initiative. The conference, titled “South Asia: Re-Imagining Development for a Better Future”, brought together leading researchers, practitioners and policymakers who engaged with students and discussed both the key challenges facing economies in South Asia as well as the best options to address them. The conference was inaugurated with a panel discussion titled “Challenges and Recent Developments in South Asia”, featuring H.E. Mr Jalil Abbas Jilani, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to the USA, H.E. Mr Prasad Kariyawasam, Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the USA and Touqir Hussain, Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University and SAIS, Johns Hopkins University. The conference also featured discussions on barriers to education, the gender gap, the environment and climate change by experts from leading organizations like US State Department, UN Foundation, Brookings, Millennium Challenge Corporation, World Resources Institute, World Bank, and IMF among others.

McCourt Energy & Evironmental Policy (McCourt E&E)

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Contact: Alex Brillman

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The McCourt Energy & Environmental Policy group engages students, academics,and practitioners on policy issues related to energy and the environment.

Energy and environmental concerns are among the most important challenges facing policy makers today. Federal, state, and local lawmakers will all face policy choices related to climate change in the coming years. These may include how to: ensure coastal cities are resilient in the face of rising sea levels and storm surge, address reduced water supply in agriculture, find new sources of power that ensure an operational electric grid during natural disasters, increase energy efficiency in industrial, commercial, and residential sectors, address public health concerns by improving air and water quality, secure a sustainable food supply for growing populations, and much more.

As graduate students at a premier public policy school located in Washington, D.C., we have an opportunity to engage at a high level and make a difference in this field. Now is also a critical time to enter this field as it forms, at the ground level, in order to build a community of engaged E&E policy students, academics, and professionals who can share ideas and brainstorm solutions. The policy proposals we come up with will strive to solve real world challenges. We will strive to create a cohort of leaders in environmental and energy policy that will take ideas into the real world upon graduation and make a significant difference addressing these challenges.



Contact: Gerald Etarukot or Ramy Zeid


AfriKa is a new student organization founded in the Spring of 2018 here at the McCourt School of Public Policy. Our goal is to promote the discussions on the various policy issues relevant to the African region by providing context and bringing awareness around the challenges faced by African countries by examining policy solutions. Through a multitude of events AfriKa seeks to facilitate these discussions and provide opportunities for students to engage directly with practitioners in the African policy space. AfriKa also is working to provide support to African students in the McCourt community and drive the interests of African students. This club is open to students of all backgrounds in McCourt and the larger Georgetown community interested in learning about the current and future works going on in Africa.

Partner organizations

McCourt School Policy Innovation Lab

Website | Facebook

ContactKrista D’Alessandro or Margaret O’Bryon

The McCourt School founded the Policy Innovation Lab in 2014 with the goal of leveraging student ingenuity and convening the expertise of professors, researchers, community leaders and activists to tackle urgent and emerging issues in the region by developing innovative and forward-thinking solutions.

The Policy Innovation aims to address interdisciplinary policy questions affecting communities in the city that cut across multiple issues and neighborhoods. The Lab’s partnerships with community organizations and other stakeholders include the DC Appleseed Center for Law and Justice, a nonprofit group that identifies pressing local challenges, conducts research and analysis, makes specific recommendations for reform and implements effective solutions.

Read more about the Innovation Lab in this Q&A.

Graduate Student Government (GradGov)

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The Graduate Student Government exists to provide a forum where graduate students can address issues of concern. In addition, the GradGov organizes social events and provides TA/RA training and professional development workshops. All graduate students are members of the GradGov. As GradGov members, graduate students at Georgetown are also members of the National Association of Graduate and Professional Students (NAGPS). Furthermore, the Graduate Student Government supports other graduate student organizations and professional development within departments.


Groups at Georgetown

Georgetown University Student Veteran Association (GUSVA)

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The Georgetown University Student Veteran Association (GUSVA), a chapter of Student Veterans of America, is a student group dedicated to advocating for veterans issues on campus. Our goal is to make a community of student veterans and our allies in the administration who can support, network, socialize, and assist each other as they achieve their educational goals. We know that education is a powerful tool for many veterans to transition to civilian careers and we want to maximize the opportunities for veterans to succeed on campus and beyond. Most of all, we invite you to participate in any of our social events or service activities as we work to bring together the more than 500 student veterans attending Georgetown.

Read more about GUSVA in this Q&A.


The Chinese Students and Scholars Association at Georgetown University (GU-CSSA)

Website | Email

GU&AU 2013 Spring Festival Gala (2013). Photo credit: Chinese Students and Scholars Association
GU & AU 2013 Spring Festival Gala. Photo credit: Chinese Students and Scholars Association

The Chinese Students and Scholars Association at Georgetown University (GU-CSSA) is an officially registered nonpolitical, nonreligious, and nonprofit graduate student organization of Georgetown University. It was established many years ago. The Executive Committee of 2003-2004 built in a creative way the form of committee to lead the Association. The Association has become more attractive and influential since then. The Committee of 2004-2005 was dedicated to finishing up the registration of CSSA at Georgetown University. As a Georgetown University sanctioned student organization, CSSA has access to some great university benefits, such as funding, web hosting, some facilities, etc. Currently GU-CSSA has more than 230 members who are mainly students, scholars, and faculty and staff originally from China. With the academic prestige of Georgetown University and our large membership, GU-CSSA has been active and influential in sponsoring and organizing activities on the Georgetown University campus and in the Chinese community of Washington, DC. The GU-CSSA Executive Committee, elected each year, always consists of a group of CSSA members with leadership and devotion. It is their voluntary work that enriches the experience of all members.

The Chinese Students and Scholars Association at Georgetown University (GU-CSSA) is committed to providing academic, professional, social and entertainment information and services to its members; promoting Chinese culture, history and languages; promoting dialogue within the Association and the broader Georgetown University community.


Intramural and other sports

McCourt Sports


A Facebook group for all things sports-related for the McCourt School, including intramural sports, informal pick-up games, and non-Georgetown sporting events.