Get involved with the McCourt Energy & Environmental Policy group

The McCourt Energy & Environmental Policy group is a potential new student group at McCourt. Its goals are to engage students, academics, and practitioners on policy issues related to energy and the environment. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter, and sign up here to hear about upcoming events or get involved.

About the McCourt Energy & Environmental Policy group

Energy and environmental concerns are among the most important challenges facing policy makers today. Federal, state, and local lawmakers will all face policy choices related to climate change in the coming years. These may include how to: ensure coastal cities are resilient in the face of rising sea levels and storm surge, address reduced water supply in agriculture, find new sources of power that ensure an operational electric grid during natural disasters, increase energy efficiency in industrial, commercial, and residential sectors, address public health concerns by improving air and water quality, secure a sustainable food supply for growing populations, and much more.

As graduate students at a premier public policy school located in Washington, D.C., McCourt students have an opportunity to engage at a high level and make a difference in this field. Now is also a critical time to enter this field as it forms, at the ground level, in order to build a community of engaged E&E policy students, academics, and professionals who can share ideas and brainstorm solutions. The policy proposals this group will come up with will strive to solve real world challenges. It will strive to create a cohort of leaders in environmental and energy policy that will take ideas into the real world upon graduation and make a significant difference addressing these challenges.

The group is currently applying for provisional status at McCourt. Sign up here to get involved.