Event Planning & Reimbursement


This page contains important event-planning resources for student organizations. Check back soon for links to our “cheat sheet” series with advice on advertising events and more detailed information on the budgeting and the reimbursement process.

Event Check List (Required)

  1. Schedule it with McCourt! (Two weeks ahead preferred)
  2. Email MSA Secretary to confirm receipt of Event Form and provide graphics or flyer for Weekly McCourt Newsletter
  3. Reserve Space in Old North by emailing Deaglan and Isela; for non-Old North use this form.
  4. If you’re serving alcohol, fill out the TIPS (Alcohol) Request Form.
  5. Fill out the Post-Event Evaluation Form.
  6. Reconcile your DBC payments and email receipts here


  1. Apply for reimbursement for personal expenditures
  2. Reserve Equipment if needed

Event-planning forms

Reimbursement forms

Tax exemption forms


  • Weekly McCourt email 
    • Email the MSA Secretary with events by Thursday to be included in that week’s email. Please include the name of the event, time, location, RSVP, and any additional details for your event.
  • McCourt Calendar
    • Use the shared Google calendar to add your group’s event listings and make edits on demand. Please be sure to add your event’s location, time, and RSVP details. All student leaders should have access to edit this calendar. Contact the MSA Secretary if you have any questions.
  • MSA Social Media 
  • Graduate Student Government’s weekly email