All about: The East Asian Policy Association (EAPA)

The following is a Q&A with Sifan Liu, the president of the East Asian Policy Association (EAPA). EAPA is a potential student organization of the McCourt School that is in the process of applying for provisional status. It is taking applications for leadership positions until September 18. For more information, contact Sifan Liu at

Tell us about your student group.

East Asian Policy Association (EAPA) aims to create a platform engaging McCourt students in discussions related to East Asian policies and political issues. We also strive to provide career development opportunities for students pursuing a career in East Asian policies. 

What are some things your group is planning for this year?

  • Policy panels will explore topics related to East Asian region. Tentative topics include:
    • US-China FDI: Business and Policy challenges
    • A closer look at Taiwan Presidential Election
    • East Asia’s role in COP21 Paris Climate Conference
  • Movie nights: Starting in the spring semester, we will host movies/documentaries about policy related issues in East Asian countries, followed by a internal discussions.
  • Newsletters: Bi-weekly newsletters will inform students with news, events and career opportunities related to East Asian countries.
  • Networking and site-visits: These visits will offer members a chance to connect with alumni who are currently working on East Asian policies through alumni panels, happy hour, site visits, etc.
  • Cultural events: These events are an opportunity to celebrate East Asian festivals and share the culture with the larger McCourt Community.
A recent EAPA panel discussion.
A recent EAPA panel discussion.

“Students should join if they want to…”

  • Plan events exploring issues that affect East Asian region
  • Meet professionals and professors specializing in East Asian policies
  • Discuss ongoing East Asian policy issues with other McCourt students

Who can come to your events? Are any of your activities members-only?

Our policy and cultural events are open to all, while networking and site-visit events will be members-only.

How can students join?

Students who are interested to become a member of EAPA should sign up here.

Who should students contact if they have any questions?

If you have any questions about EAPA, please contact EAPA’s president Sifan Liu at

What’s the best way for students to learn about upcoming events?

Like our Facebook page here and keep an eye out for EAPA’s bi-weekly newsletter!