Who We Are

Executive Board

President: Jack Ryan jwr65@georgetown.edu

Vice President: Lily Yue | xy144@georgetown.edu

Secretary: Alex Oderman | alo55@georgetown.edu

Treasurer: Landry Keyanfe | jb2827@georgetown.edu

MPP-Evening Program Representative: Jared Ison | Jared.Ison@georgetown.edu

Master of International Development Policy (MIDP) Program Representative: Naziza Ahmad | na751@georgetown.edu

Master of Science in Data Science for Public Policy (MSDS-PP) Program Representative: Maddie Pickens | mp1595@georgetown.edu

Master of Public Management (MPM) Program Representative: Abdullah Clark | na751@georgetown.edu

Director of Alumni Outreach and External Affairs: Caitlyn Loeffler | cal300@georgetown.edu

Director of Diversity and International Students: Radhika Kaul | rk1039@georgetown.edu

Director of Service: Gabrielle Rogoff | gr550@georgetown.edu

Director of Social Programs: Natasha Leonard | njl43@georgetown.edu

Director of Incoming and First Year Students: Alex Richardson | ajr166@georgetown.edu

New Student Committee (NSC)

President: Layla Oghabian <leo34@georgetown.edu>
VP: Amina Shahid <as4562@georgetown.edu>
Secretary: Kunaal Kini <kak329@georgetown.edu>
Treasurer: Aidain Moore <am3994@georgetown.edu>
At-large Members:
Jagir Pipalia <jp1833@georgetown.edu>
Jennie Patterson <jmp395@georgetown.edu>
Peter Simmons <pts44@georgetown.edu>
William Fotter <wmf29@georgetown.edu>
Kathy Pierce <kmp145@georgetown.edu
Nick Fernandez <naf56@georgetown.edu>
Prog DSPP: Emma Farber <ejf78@georgetown.edu>
Prog MPM: Alexander Boroff ab3647@georgetown.edu
Prog MIDP: Grace Han <gbh19@georgetown.edu>
Prog MPM: Alex Boroff <ab3647@georgetown.edu>
Prog MPP-EP: Lauren Fresconi <lef90@georgetown.edu>