2016-2017 GPPSA Executive Board election results announced

The results of the election for the 2016-2017 GPPSA Executive Board are in! The final vote counts are available here (docx). Congratulations to the new Board, and thank you to everyone for voting.


President: Madwa-Nika Phanord-Cadet

Vice President: Anushree Banerjee

Secretary: Katherine Bentley

Treasurer: Andrew Kitchel

Program representatives

MIDP Representative: Kaitlyn Turner

MPP-EP Representative: Gregory Lyons


Director of Alumni Outreach: Janani Shankaran

Director of Environmental Initiatives: Justin Goss

Director of Communications and Outreach: Katherine Stewart

Director of Diversity Programs: Leyla Jiang

Director of Service Programs: Caitlin Phillips

Director of International Programs: Beatrice Leydier

Director of Social Programs: Delaney Luna

Director of External Affairs: Shashank Rai

Director of Student Services: Taylor Maag


The GPPSA Executive Board is popularly elected by the McCourt student community. Elections are held in the spring of each year.