Applications for the South Asian Policy and Research Initiative (SAPRI) leadership team due Nov. 18

The South Asian Policy and Research Initiative (SAPRI) has officially acquired provisional status here at McCourt and is looking to expand its team as soon as possible.

SAPRI is a student-led initiative dedicated to raising awareness on the critical development challenges facing economies in South Asia and promoting evidence-based policies in the region. By engaging with policymakers, researchers, development practitioners, and other policy experts, SAPRI will also strive to be a resource for all students interested in exploring relevant research and employment opportunities relating to South Asian economic development.

SAPRI is currently calling out to all McCourt students interested in holding a leadership position to apply and express their interest by 11:59pm, Wednesday November 18th (you should have received an email from Amir Jilani with details). The following positions are open for interested students:

Principle Secretary
Project Manager
Communications Manager
MPP Policy Head
MIDP Policy Head
First Year Policy Head
Alumni Outreach Manager
Member at large

If you would like to hold another position that you think is better suited for you, such as Newsletter editor, Conference Chair or your own proposed position, please do not hesitate to let them know!

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for a position, please fill out this short form available at the following link and attach a copy of your resume by 11:59pm, Wednesday November 18th


The only eligibility requirement is an interest in South Asia and a commitment to being an integral part of our leadership team! Please do not let the level of commitment deter you from applying. SAPRI’s leadership team will work collaboratively to ensure events and programs are delivered successfully, and is happy to work around your schedule.


If you have any questions or concerns about the application process, please don’t hesitate to contact Pooja Suri ( or Amir Jilani (